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We put at your service, our experience in terms of creation and graphic communication in order to raise the visibility of your company

Professional logos
Flyers / digital visuals
Institutional brochures
Graphical charter
Advertising posters
Document cover
Roll up and streamers
Magazines and Documents
Web interface design
Social media coverage

Reaching a target audience is our specialty

Through the use of professional visuals and videos we allow you to reach your target at any time.

Design a stable public image that is coherent with your industry

Create in your target a unique brand that differentiates you from others! Mark your client with a visual coherency that particularly identifies you.

Be Relevant while Remaining Simple and Creative

The most important thing for us is to translate your idea into an image that marks the mind of your target.


Give your business all the charisma it needs

Get moving with your projects! Enhance the brilliance of your ideas with a quality presentation

Allow your customers to have the best experience of what drives your strength

Because your idea is innovative, it must be accompanied by the best visual expression to be better appreciated by your target. Allow your target to understand you better in your absence

Solutions adapted to the size of your business and your budget

Quality design at affordable prices for all.

Finishes for printing and for communicators and marketers

To finalize your communication and your marketing, you need quality supports produced by professionals in the field that we are. A good creation requires a good impression and a good strategy to be both malleable and effective in your communication.


Our expertise in UI / UX DESIGN at your service

GOHZE provides for you, the conception of design for your sites but also the way in which the internet user will use it, without even thinking about its development.

Interaction design

We collect needs from the client, to frame and analyze them.


Create an experience that brings value beyond a purely technical approach.

App design / Web design

Move your products or applications to the cloud.


App design / Web design

Search for users

We use investigative techniques to collect data to optimize the product.


We think about improvements, giving all stakeholders a clear picture.


Our design strategy

We connect the needs, the expectations of the market and the strategic capacity of the company which together, draw its unique identity through graphic signs.

Our tools

We design the interfaces while taking into account the constraints of usability and accessibility.



Go digital now for the future

An Interface is like a joke, if you have to explain it, it's not that good. To build a great product, you need to take care of every little detail with great precision.