Mobile application development

We design and develop scalable, robust and feature-rich mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms.

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GOHZE produces various types of mobile applications and continues to expand its horizons over the course of the projects

E-commerce applications

Our teams develop high-quality, high-quality mobile e-commerce applications, with unlimited development possibilities, ergonomic and fluid.

Mobile messaging apps

We offer you the guarantee of obtaining at the end of our service, an application allowing its users to communicate in a fluid way, through an application with an attractive design and with unlimited possibilities of development

Mobile e-learning applications

We offer you tailor-made platforms allowing, among other things, content management, communication with learners and teachers, automatic corrections of assessments, uploading of content ...

Mobile fintech apps

GOHZE has the skills to create highly secure, tailor-made and scalable mobile applications for you fintech players. We support you in obtaining a platform with high availability, and guarantee users' peace of mind regarding the various financial transactions possible on the platform

Community mobile apps

GOHZE offers to support you in setting up platforms aimed at establishing intercommunity relations (social networks, meeting platforms, etc.). We implement from A to Z fluid, ergonomic and tailor-made platforms built on a quality cloud infrastructure designed by our talented and experienced engineers

Mobile tracking applications

You have merchandise or goods on the move, GOHZE offers you its services for the remote monitoring of your goods. For your vehicle fleets, for example, GOHZE supports you in the creation of platforms for the location and instantaneous stop of your vehicles if necessary, as well as for tracking trips

Our expertise in UI / UX DESIGN at the service of your application

GOHZE thinks for you, thanks to its design team, interfaces of the best possible quality for your mobile applications. We fully think about the user experience on your mobile application in a methodical way which allows us to guarantee you the quality, the fluidity, and the optimized ergonomics to guarantee the success of your platform with your users

Why a mobile application?

With the ever-increasing evolution of the internet and the evolution of the penetration rate of smartphones in society, it becomes interesting to set up a mobile application project that can become a business with high potential, or simply a means of optimize your business already in place.

Offer yourself privileged contact with your customers

Thanks to a smartphone application, you no longer need an intermediary! You are in direct contact with your potential customers. You are in your field and no longer have to worry about the competition once your application is installed on your smartphone. You can then more easily, knowing how to be useful, make your potential customers want to use your paid services.

Lower cost marketing and a better understood target audience

Mobile marketing allows small businesses to promote themselves without making a colossal investment. It is a form of marketing combining the intimism of word of mouth and the effectiveness of a campaign. large-scale marketing. In addition, a mobile application is aimed at a potential clientele that is already targeted and known, and you just need to use the advantages of mobile applications such as push notifications to be sure to capture the attention of your prospects.

An evolution that has become necessary

As you no doubt know, social networks and mobile applications have become real references in information and communication. By developing a mobile application related to your business, you show yourself as a modern business and you adapt to the lifestyle of your customers. All you need to do is call on a specialist (especially GOHZE) to provide you with a quality application that perfectly meets your customers' needs.

Dynamic experience and flexible interface

GOHZE offers you mobile applications with a clean, intuitive and aesthetic design. In addition, beyond the beautiful, GOHZE attaches colossal importance to the user-friendliness of your mobile application. We therefore offer you our expertise to help you design an exceptional user experience, dynamic and fluid and allowing the user to feel at ease throughout the navigation on the platform.

Our technologies

We master different mobile application development technologies to achieve excellent results

React Native


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An interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it's not that good. To build a great product, you have to take care of every little detail with great precision.